Muslim Daily Prayers Course – Learn The Daily Prayers in Arabic

Muslim Daily Prayers Course – Learn The Daily Prayers in Arabic

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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Muslim Daily Prayers Arabic Study Course

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The Muslim Daily Prayers Arabic Study Course is designed for you to learn how to perform the Muslim Daily Prayer Service in Arabic. This Course has been developed to ensure pronunciation and comprehension of the Arabic recitations of the Islamic Prayer Service through a high impact Arabic Phonics and vocabulary study of recitations in a step-by-step method.

Your course instructor and facilitator will guide you along the units of study each week through demonstrations, online resources, exercises, and drills.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s Muslim Daily Prayers and the textbook Muslim Daily Prayers: A Learner’s Guide with CD (Introduction by Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan) will be used as a basis for instruction and study throughout the Course. Weekly instruction is designed to reinforce your study through the selected texts which guide the student in demonstrations, drills, practicals, and question and answer sessions with a hands-on instructor by way of online video instruction, conferences, and weekend intensives.

Course participants must complete weekly assignments and demonstrate two (2) steps of the Muslims Prayer Service in Arabic to receive a certificate of completion upon approval of your course instructor.


1. To learn the Arabic alphabet symbols and phonetics
2. To recite the Muslim Daily Prayer in Arabic with understanding
3. To recite Arabic Qur’an and prayers phonetically correct
4. To demonstrate the Muslim Daily Prayer steps and its positions
5. To know and understand terms related to prayer
6. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the Muslim Daily Prayer (salah), its requirements, significance, and meaning in Islam and the world of religion


Muslim Daily Prayers by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad
Muslim Daily Prayers: A Learner’s Guide – Introduction by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
Message to the Blackman by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad
13 Short Surahs from the Holy Qur’an: A Learner’s Recitation Guide by Imam Sultan R. Muhammad

Flash Cards

Arabic Alphabet

Al-Faatiha vocabulary