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  • Muslim Daily Prayers Course: Arabic - English Step-By-Step Instructional Demonstration Video

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    This step-by-step video demonstration and Learner’s Guide to the Muslim Daily Prayers in Arabic. Video instruction includes English references from ‘Muslim Daily Prayers’ by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad published in 1957. In it he writes, “Some day in the near future, however, you will learn them in your own language and that of your Righteous […]

  • Ramadan Readiness Course

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    This course is designed to familiarize the learner and refresh the practitioner with the basics of fasting procedures and It’s significance as an actionable principle of The Science Islam.

  • The Original Language: Arabic Phonics

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    This course is designed to develop your ability to recognize individual letters of the Arabic Alphabet in their various forms and begin to read simple Arabic.

  • Muslim Daily Prayers Course - Learn The Daily Prayers in Arabic

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    The Muslim Daily Prayers Arabic Study Course is designed for you to learn how to perform the Muslim Daily Prayer Service in Arabic.